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To All Lovers Of Progressive Rock:
Join Us At ProgDay 2017!

Cuneiform Records
on behalf of
our friends at ProgDay 

invite you to the 23rd edition of the world's longest running progressive rock festival!
This September, come and see great bands from around the world including two artists with releases on Cuneiform:
and Sonar (with special guest David Torn)!

       Cuneiform Records is proud to announce that Sonar and
Bubblemath will be among the eight stellar groups performing at the 2017 ProgDay festival to be held in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
      In it's 23rd year, ProgDay boasts yet another stacked lineup of amazing international groups that blend rock, jazz, pop, classical, and electronic music, and anything else you could think of to deliver a weekend jam-packed with thrills and excitement. 

      ProgDay is an annual outdoor festival of progressive music featuring artists from all over the world. Some bands have come from as close as North Carolina, and others from as far away as Sweden, Italy, Venezuela and Indonesia. ProgDay has been held every year since it's birth in 1995, making it the longest running progressive rock event in the world.
      For it's 23rd year, Prog Day 2017 will be held at Storybrook Farm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on September 2nd and 3rd. 
Location and lineup information can be found on their website.

     This year the festival will once again spotlight a truly global cast of bands from three continents and four countries. The current lineup for ProgDay 2017 includes:                         

Sonar (Switzerland)

      - Sonar continues to push the boundaries of musical post-minimalism, creating forward-thinking instrumental music.

       The band will be joined by internationally renowned composer, musician and producer David Torn for an exclusive performance.
Bubblemath (U.S.)
     - An eclectic prog/avant-pop/technical metal quintet from Minnesota, returning to the ProgDay stage after 14 years to celebrate their newly released second album Edit Peptide from Cuneiform.

Don't miss the other great bands performing at ProgDay:
iNFiNiEn (U. S.)
      -A quartet touching on soundtracks, metal, and masterful improvisation.
Shylock (France)
      - the French symphonic band plays material from its classic 1970s releases including Gialorgues and Il de Fièvre.
Hedersleben (U. S.)
      - a multinational group with members from Korea, the U.S., and Europe who embrace the sound of early progressive rock and krautrock.
Ephemeral Sun (U.S.)
      - this band's brand of apocalyptic prog features ominous atmospheres, gothic metal, fiery energy, and classic prog influences.
The Dave Kerzner Band (U.S.)
      - Dave Kerzner, co-founder of Sound of Contact and possessor of an unbelievable musical résumé, presents music off his second solo record Static.
Sonus Umbra (Mexico)
      - a sextet from Mexico City that has only recently reuinited to deliver their personal brand of excessive, glorious hard-rock prog.
More information on the lineup is available at the ProgDay website here:

"Had MC Escher made music instead of drawing his famously impossible and perplexing perspectives, it would sound like Sonar."
     SONAR is an avant-progressive, post-minimal band from Switzerland. Their name stands for SONic ARchitecture, which alludes to their intention of creating polymetric and highly structured sound sculptures.

     Fusing a rigorous minimal aesthetic with the power of a rock band, SONAR create sonic rituals unlike anything you have ever heard before. With their slow-build approach to dramaturgy and avoidance of conventional forms, they focus on collective group efforts and a deeper kind of interaction amongst their four members.
Sonar - Twofold Covering (Live 2014 performance)

     David Torn is a composer, texturalist, guitarist, producer & whatnot of actual international stature, renowned for his unique musical voice which seems to span & un-define a range of styles. His work has had material impact & influence upon both film scoring and, generally, upon contemporary electric, electro-acoustic & electronic music.

    "...this set of intellectual compositions might burn a fuse or two in your brain ...prog done right, and giving back the literal epithet of the genre." 

     Frank Zappa once remarked, "Progress is not possible without deviation,” and if he were alive to hear them, he’d almost certainly agree that Minnesota fivesome Bubblemath exudes his philosophy (and daring spirit) with every unconventional rhythmic change, off-the-wall timbre, and multilayered melody.

    The current Bubblemath line-up came together in 1998. Naturally, they recognize that having so many years between albums could be—as keyboardist Kai Esbensen jokes—“[an] advantage or a detriment. Maybe both!” He reflects that the group originally thought it’d be “a breeze” to follow-up Such Fine Particles of the Universe, an album that won them 86,000 MySpace followers and Minnesota Music Academy’s "2002 Best Eclectic Recording” award.

     However, a series of setbacks, ranging from "broken equipment, to broken promises, to loss of funding, to loss of partners and pets and parents, to incompatible mix engineers, to extended sabbaticals, to extended medical emergencies," made it difficult to accomplish that ambition. Add in the fact that "for several years, [they] were only able to commit about three hours a week to working on the album," as well as various issues regarding engineers and recording quality, and it's easy to see why Edit Peptide gestated for so long. In reaction to the skepticism of devotees, Esbensen jovially declares, "We absolutely weren't crying wolf! We wouldn't wish this kind of delay experience on our worst band-enemies. Not that we have band-enemies. But if we did, we would not wish it on them!" Ultimately, the lengthy hiatus did prove positive, though, as it allowed "all five of [them] to become better musicians" who are capable of yielding a more striving, unpredictable, and colorful collection. They couldn't be prouder of it.
Bubblemath - The Sensual Con (from the new album Edit Peptide)
Cuneiform Records is proud to support Bubblemath on their return to ProgDay. Be sure to check out their Cuneiform release Edit Peptide, their long-awaited sophomore album that has critics and fans raving alike!

Come celebrate Progressive Rock this September at ProgDay located at the beautiful grounds of Storybrook Farms in Chapel Hill NC, a gorgeous outdoor venue to relax and enjoy fantastic music at.

For more information on Storybook Farms, consult the ProgDay website at

For schedules, programs, artist bios, transportation, FAQ, maps and any other queries you may have…

For directions and information on the surroundings, consult the ProgDay website at

To contact the organizers of ProgDay, please visit

     Founded in the USA in 1984 and dedicated to cutting-edge, avant-garde music of the highest caliber from around the world, the adventurous and long-standing Cuneiform Records record label has one of the most varied and impressive catalogues of progressive rock in the world.

     For more information about or to set up an interview with one of Cuneiform's artists, contact Joyce at our Promotions and Publicity department:
    Visit our Tour Page to see other concerts by Cuneiform artists.

    Please visit our website for more information about Cuneiform Records, the talented artists that it represents, and the numerous adventurous music recordings it's released over three decades.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

Rock In Opposition Fest-France Celebrates its 10th Anniversary & Features 3 Cuneiform Artists

Don't Miss the Avant Rock Event of the Year...

Join Us at R.I.O. FRANCE-2017

Cuneiform Records
on behalf of
The Rock In Opposition Festival
invites adventurous music lovers worldwide to attend this September. It boasts avant-garde artists from around the world including Cuneiform's very own
Guapo, Cheer-Accident, and Miriodor

Cuneiform Records is proud to announce that three of its artists — Guapo, Cheer Accident, and Miriodor — will be among the twelve stellar groups performing at the 2017 Rock in Opposition (R.I.O.) Festival to be held in France.

This three-day festival devoted to artistically-uncompromising rock music celebrates “the incendiary spirit of Rock in Opposition” and will draw audiences from around the world. Featuring some of the most provocative, innovative, and artistically-progressive rock music created over the past three decades to the present day, the Rock in Opposition festival aims to “transport the creative flames and anti-corporate-rock aesthetic of the original Rock in Opposition movement into the new millennium.”

The Lineup

This year, for 2017, the festival will spotlight  of the most adventurous artists in the current international avant-music scene. The full lineup for RiO-France 2017 includes:

September 15th
        Aranis (Belgium)
Cheer-Accident (USA)
        faUSt (Germany)

September 16th
        Le Silo (Japan)

        Miriodor (Canada)
        Trans-aeolian Transmission (France)
        Gong (France)
        Acid Mothers Temple (Japan)

September 17th
        a.P.A.t.T. (England)
        In Love With (France)

        Guapo (England)
        Slapp Happy (Germany/England)


Guapo is a British trio that plays an intense music that straddles the boundaries of progressive, noise, minimalism and avant-rock. Their sound has been compared to such artists as Magma, Boredoms, King Crimson, Univers Zero, This Heat, Ruins, Sun Ra and Terry Riley. As Sound Projector put it, "Guapo come on like all the hellhounds of Magma, Eskaton and Ruins were after them...on a par with Magma’s Kohntarkosz or Univers Zero’s Ceux Du Dehors".

The group started their life as a heavy bass/drums duo playing post-hardcore, noisy rock, but in the two decades since, they have expanded their instrumentation and their stylistic references to become one of Europe's most highly respected 'muscular and modern' experimental/progressive rock bands.

"Guapo take classic prog tropes and revivify them...brazenly and gloriously, it brandishes all the hallmarks of golden-era prog rock, but given a steroid boost and stripped of ego."
 The Quietus

Guapo releases on Cuneiform Records:
Obscure Knowledge (2015)
         AMAZON MUSIC             ITUNES
BANDCAMP                    WAYSIDE

History of the Visitation (2013)
         AMAZON MUSIC             ITUNES
BANDCAMP                    WAYSIDE
Five Suns (2005)

         AMAZON MUSIC             ITUNES
         BANDCAMP                    WAYSIDE

Cuneiform Records is proud to support Guapo on their return to RiO Fest. Be sure to check out these Guapo releases if you have not already.


Emerging from the incredibly diverse crucible of music that is Chicago, Cheer-Accident embodies and re-affirms the “promises made” by previous generations of progressive rock, post-punk, and post rock bands—the creation of a thoroughly new rock-based music.

There are bands with pretty melodies, bands that rock, bands that dazzle with exalted technique, bands that make you laugh, and bands aiming to perplex even the most intrepid listener. Cheer-Accident is all those things and more, truly a band for the 21st century. Cheer-Accident wrap creativeness inside an inviting enigma of honeyed vocals, harmonious pop melody, and thorny dissonance. They have the rare ability to synthesize and juxtapose pure pop, thundering rock, and avant-garde complexity and ambiguity, intuition and intellect, sweetness and sarcasm, to create a stunning signature sound.

"Cheer-Accident are the quintessential Chicago post-rock band that, sadly, you may have never heard of. Too bad. They've been exploring head-scratching, creatively fucked-up time signatures and sideways guitar shenanigans for 20 years now, leaving a pronounced influence on the Windy City's art-rock scene. Their playful musical approach is a ripe aesthetic of absurdist humor." – D. Shawn Bosler, Pitchfork
Cheer-Accident - Shaft

Cheer-Accident recordings on Cuneiform Records:
Puitting Off Death (2017)
         AMAZON MUSIC             ITUNES
BANDCAMP                    WAYSIDE
No Ifs, Ands, Or Dogs (2011)
         AMAZON MUSIC             ITUNES
BANDCAMP                    WAYSIDE
Fear Draws Misfortune (2009)
         AMAZON MUSIC             ITUNES
         BANDCAMP                    WAYSIDE

Cuneiform Records is proud to support Cheer-Accident on their return to RiO Fest. Be sure to check out these Cheer-Accident releases if you have not already.


Miriodor was formed in 1980 (in Québec City) by the meeting of François Émond and Pascal Globensky. Different musicians came and went until the band settled, in 1983, as a sextet comprised of François Émond (violin, flute, keyboards, clarinet), Pascal Globensky (keyboards, acoustic guitar), Rémi Leclerc (percussions), Sabin Hudon (saxophones), Denis Robitaille (electric guitar, bass, singing) and Marc Petitclerc (keyboards), This was the lineup on Miriodor’s 1st album, Rencontres, originally released as a self-produced LP.  After being long out-of-print, Rencontres has been released in CD format by Cuneiform Records, Miriodor’s record company since 1988.

The Miriodor discography has been building strength upon strength with each successive album. The band combines jazz, classical, rock, and international influences for an arresting, idiosyncratic sound that eludes description but remains immediately identifiable as Mirodor. 

And while Miriodor often forges some of their heaviest sounds to date over the course of their most recent release, Signal 9 (2017), the album is also loaded with off-the-wall humor and some beautiful, contemplative melodic moments. The combination makes for some crafty contrasts, frequently flipping back and forth drastically from one mood to another multiple times within a single composition for a jarring-but-thrilling effect.

Miriodor recordings on Cuneiform Records:
Signal 9 (2017)
         AMAZON MUSIC             ITUNES
BANDCAMP                    WAYSIDE
Cobra Fakir (2013)
         AMAZON MUSIC             ITUNES
BANDCAMP                    WAYSIDE
Avanti! (2009)
         AMAZON MUSIC             ITUNES
BANDCAMP                    WAYSIDE
Parade + Live at NEARfest (2005)
         AMAZON MUSIC              ITUNES  
BANDCAMP                    WAYSIDE
Mekano (2001)
         AMAZON MUSIC             ITUNES
BANDCAMP                    WAYSIDE
Rencontres (1986)
         AMAZON MUSIC             ITUNES
Jongleries Élastiques (1996)
         BANDCAMP                     ITUNES    
3rd Warning (1991)
         BANDCAMP                     ITUNES                    
Miriodor (1996)
         BANDCAMP                     ITUNES   

Cuneiform Records is proud to support Miriodor on their return to RiO Fest. Be sure to check out these Miriodor releases if you have not already.

Cuneiform Records

Founded in the USA in 1984 and dedicated to cutting-edge, avant-garde music of the highest caliber from around the world, the adventurous and long-standing Cuneiform Records record label has the most extensive catalogue of Rock in Opposition recordings in the world.

For more information about Cuneiform recordings by the Cuneiform artists playing at R.I.O. Festival France-2017, please contact Joyce at our Promotions and Publicity department:

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Rock In Opposition Festival

R.I.O. France-2017 press contact information:
To request interviews with any of the artists playing at R.I.O. France-2017, please visit
For schedules, programs, artist bios, transportation, FAQ, maps and any other queries you may have…

Come celebrate Rock In Opposition's adventurous legacy this September 2017 at R.I.O. Festival-France, located at Stonybrooke Farm in Chapel Hill , one of the most unique music festival venues:

Explore the various record label and distributor booths, bars, and outdoor food trucks. When not enjoying the music, you can swim, hike, bike, or visit the skate park on site. Finish out the night with on-site lodging at the furnished modern inn or tent camping, or stay at one of many inns in Albi or other nearby historic towns.

For directions to the venue, whether by plane, train, or car, please click here

Bonne Festival!!!